La Unión Francófona de Bolivia y la Alianza Francesa tienen el agrado de invitar a Ud. (s)

a la inauguración de la Exposición Fotográfica (conjunta) denominada


con la participación especial del fotógrafo Daniel Nisttahuz 

Jueves 17 de septiembre a las 19:00 en instalaciones de la Alianza Francesa de la Zona Sur

Calle 7 de Achumani Nro. 717 (Chinchilla)

Ingreso Libre

Vino de Honor

La exposición LA FRANCOFONÍA VISTA CON NUESTROS OJOS es el resultado de un concurso fotográfico en el cual participaron personas bolivianas que realizaron estudios universitarios en algún país francófono, sobre todo en Francia. El objetivo de la presente exposición es mostrar una visión boliviana sobre lugares, momentos y situaciones vividas en un país francófono.


What Is Zero UI? (And Why Is It Crucial To The Future Of Design?)

For better or worse, a large amount of design work these days is visual. That makes sense, since the most essential products we interact with have screens. But as the internet of things surrounds us with devices that can hear our words, anticipate our needs, and sense our gestures, what does that mean for the future of design, especially as those screens go away?

Kolor Eyes Desktop - Oculus Rift

For now, Oculus DK2 and Kolor Eyes require a specific configuration in order to have the best user experience. Configuration will be much simpler in future versions, especially when Oculus driver will be full compatible with OpenGL. Meanwhile, we provide you some tricks to help you in this annoying configuration.

The most important thing is to set the Oculus screen as the main display. In this way you should be able to have zero latency. Here are some tricks to help when Oculus is the main display.

App Development: Teaching Swift

Course Description

Bring Swift into the classroom with this collection of lesson plans, presentations, and Xcode projects to lead students through experiential learning.


Join the Swift Education community to access all materials, including Xcode projects, lesson plans and presentations:

Exploring Dynamic Layout in Sketch

If you design interfaces, you probably often work with repeating elements, like rows in a table or a grid of items. While Sketch provides some way of applying the same style to many elements via symbols, it has its shortcomings if you want to make the layout a little more adaptive and dynamic.

Thank you for everything, Adobe

I started using Adobe products in middle school. At the time, I never thought I’d do anything remotely connected with design, I just liked messing around with computers. Like most kids, I didn’t know about the technical differences between designers, developers and probably IT support people, I just liked computers and did all sorts of random things while others were focused on gaming.

Meaningful Design for Apple Watch

LIKE EVERY OTHER Apple-loving, early-adopting tech nerd, I’d set my alarm for 3:00am EST, April 10. It was pre-order time, and just a few more weeks until I could finally try out my new Apple watch.

Inspirational Videos For Designers – The Big Collection

You see, as much as I love full-length features, sometimes what you really want is just something quick to watch and get inspired by.

I love seeing how amazing speakers are spreading their great thoughts, ideas and projects on TED. I love seeing designers and entrepreneurs talking on Creative Mornings about the awesome things they’re up to and the valuable lessons they’ve learned.

What’s News in Design Tools

So much interesting stuff is happening in design tools that I’m going to start aggregating links here on a weekly basis. This is as much for my benefit as anybody’s, as I find the act of collecting and reposting the news helps me actually better understand the new developments. Here are a few to start.

A Month Designing in VR

In April I spent a few weeks designing for the Samsung Gear VR. I wanted to share some thoughts on why I did a hack-a-month (a term for a short trial stint on a new team) in VR and some takeaways on the design process and design patterns I explored over two short weeks.