Acceliot is a leading provider of integrated IoT driven digital transformation solutions


Product Design & Brand Identity




UI, UX and Strategy

The Problem

The challenge was to create a platform to show the solutions and products provided by the Acceliot company.


The challenge on the website was to filter the products and the services and make it all easy and clear for the end user. I also wanted to make products like antennas more appealing, so I decided to create subtle animations for different products and services while making sure they looked good on mobile and desktop.


It was important to give a modern look to Acceliot. As a designer, the big challenge is that I didn't have previous marketing assets since the company was very young, so I decided to take care of each detail of visual communication.

Responsive Design

The big challenge here was to make all the animations look good on every screen, mobile or desktop. That was one of the reasons why I chose to work with Lottie. I wanted the animation to be pristine and to work on every device.

Illustration Light

Illustration Dark

Design thinking process

This user flow shows the beautiful simplification I made for the site. The challenge was to create a platform to show the different solutions and products provided by the Acceliot company and, at the same time, not to overwhelm the viewers with too much information.


With the illustrations, I built and exemplified different case scenarios of where the RFID hardware is used—showing different product applications and technology.

Personalized Illustrations

These are all the different illustrations custom made for the site. Each illustration was made from scratch, and they were inspired by photographs of the real antennas and products that the company offers in their catalog. Having this kind of customization empowers the branding of the company.

Branding Process

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