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A logo system

As Mojix grows, its solutions develop as well. With different products in the pipeline, it is essential to standardize all different logos under one umbrella. Implementing a logo system is the ultimate solution for companies with multiple products. In our case, I decided to use the concept of a dot, which represents a thing. The dot design inside a grid can create the initial of any of the products that Mojix has, which can potentially escalate to a number of products that the company could create in the future.

Color and Typography

U8 is a unique, geometric sans-serif font. The result is an early modernist typeface, with more expansive proportions than most common geometric sans, a strong character, and a clean design, ideal for display purposes.

The color scheme seeks to associate the brand with concepts of innovation, technology, modernization, and elegance.









The Mojix logo is based on teamwork, and it starts with the individual. Mojix is ​​not a single product. It has other sub-brands as well as other products and services, and the union of all these forms the company itself.

Logo System

Mojix has different retail products. That's why I decided to create a design system and use the same language for the rest of the products. The dots represent connection, and a single dot represents a thing, which is the core element of the retail supply chain.


Filled Icon

Linear Icon

Well designed and easily recognizable, the icons can quickly communicate the right information. That's why I focused on personalizing and created each icon for Mojix. The icons follow Mojix's new brand identity.

Logo redesign



If we compare the before and after, there is a huge difference between the colors, primary, secondary, and neutral. The previous logo was lacking personality and harmony between the font and the colors.
One of the biggest challenges was to find the right red color and opacity. The main goal was that the red color looks good both with dark and light backgrounds. That is the beauty and engineering of the right red color for Mojix.
I also wanted to focus on making the logo adaptive, modern, and scalable. Similarly, I decided to use U8 as the font family for the logo since it has a modern and geometric look.



Part of a great marketing strategy and brand positioning is to develop internal and external evangelism of the brand between employees and clients.


Part of the brand identity's beauty is that the dots are scalable and can be used for many other concepts and illustrations. Stakeholders wanted different illustrations where we could show the company's offices around the world. I had an idea to create a dotted world map and stress some of the dots and make them bigger to represent the different offices in the world.


The new branding of Mojix was revolutionary and loved by the employees, partners, and clients. The advertisement was displayed in different parts of the US and Europe.

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