What inspires me is doing great work. It seems obvious, but when I’m working, I know that I’m creating products that millions of people will use. It's not just about the creation, but also the design.  The things I help create are simple and beautiful. I like to think I’m changing people’s lives and making them better.  This gets me up in the morning excited about what can be accomplished.  My nine years of experience at many world class organizations and schools have taught me about design, beauty, photography, video and project management.  I’ve also learned much about people and how to inspire them. I love companies that embrace design and make it a significant part of their product. I believe in the intersection of Technology and Liberal Arts, and I admire companies like Apple, Tesla, Twitter and Facebook.


If I'm not designing, I read articles about latest design and technology news, I play with my Oculus Rift or learning new skills.

Every year, I travel to San Francisco, to attend different design conferences and meet and interact with other designers.