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Case Study
Best booking experience.


Product Design & Brand Identity




UI, UX and Strategy

TimFocus in what the customer needs

This project started as a request of a partner who was in charge of redesigning the Air Canada app, unfortunately, it didn’t go thru, but I’m happy to share the work that we made.
The aim was to improve the look and feel of the current app and to focus on the booking experience.The receiver will scan the QR code to see more media (photos or videos) in AR.

Booking Process

After some user testing of the current app, we discover that the booking experience is confusing.
So in our proposal, we try to help the user book a trip in fewer steps as possible.


We want to merge the best of both worlds, a great looking UI with a fantastic User Experience.
We want to use the color branding of and, at the same time, beautify every single step of the booking experience.

Mobile App

Mobile App

Mobile App



Color Scheme

Meaningful experiences

Final Designs