Product Design & Branding


Notuz handles the color blue and white generates calm. the curved shapes give an informal appearance, reaching people who want to use it day by day.




The Problem

The client wanted to create an application that can create notes from the cell phone or a computer. The app would help the user to sort it by dates or tags in such a way that it is easy to manage.

  • Keep track of everyday notes.
  • Organize notes.
  • Manage a work schedule.
  • Sync notes across devices.
  • Keep documents organized.


The page shows you a poster of images so that you can appreciate them, and if you have any questions, it has a button for more information. It handles three languages ​​so that the user can understand it.

Manage your Notes

Thought-out for you


The curved shapes give it an informality, but the colors give it stability to so much movement. Generating a midpoint, making him look like a friend, plus the logo is always smiling at you.


The sans serif typeface gives order to the design, keeping it on target, and complementary colors add to that same stability.

Font Family: Poppins






Although Notuz's main objective is the web, the user manages different devices, making the design adaptable to smartphones, tablets, etc.


In interface design I wanted to distribute the color into important actions. Notuz has a secondary color palette so they can complement each other, the curved shapes give it a kinder look.