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In short

Arabic for Kids (A4K) is a special and personal project. My wife, who is from Egypt, and I were trying to find a way to teach our son Arabic, but we couldn't find useful apps for this purpose.

As designers, we thought it would be great to create an interactive app to help kids learn Arabic.

Learning flow

There are three stages where the app empowers and prepares the kid to learn the alphabet.

The first stage is to show one letter, and next to it, show an animal whose name starts with the displayed letter.

The second stage is where the app teaches the kid how the words are formed with a letter.

The third stage contains short quizzes for each letter of the alphabet so the kids can test their knowledge in every phase of the learning path.


Our UI is pretty easy to learn and straightforward to the point. I divided the UX into different parts. The first part is the exploration. In this part, the kids discover the sound and the shape of each letter. The second part is the reinforcement. Here the kids learn how to write the letter. The third part is the quiz, where the kids learn to pair the right letter with the right image.

User flow

In the app settings, users can select their language. We offer different languages, like English, French, Spanish, Italian, Portuguese, and Arabic. Storytelling is king because the kids get a walkthrough of all the different parts of the learning. Gamification is the key element, so the kids can learn how to read and write the Arabic alphabet in a fun and easy way.


Wireframing the app was an important step for the design process and conceptualization. On every screen, I wanted to emphasize each illustration, and I already had in mind the different sound effects and animations that would be added to the app.

UX Research

I conducted comprehensive research on different styles, colors, and types of illustrations to fully understand the kid's psychology and their interests. Also, I found that some other language apps were not focusing so much on the gamification part of their apps. This is something I felt I could use for this app.

Easy and fun to use

The app focuses on kids from three to seven years old that would like to start learning Arabic. The focus is also on those kids' parents because I wanted to create a learning bond between the kids and their parents.

Memorizing letters

We build simple scenarios where the kid can relate the first letter of the animal's name, with the illustration that is showed on the screen.

Final Illustrations

The application is full of illustrations with beautiful and colorful characters. You can feel that each of the characters has their own personality. I used bright colors and friendly faces.



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