The simplest way to learn Arabic

Teach your kids arabic in a fun way.


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In short

A4K is a special and personal project.  My wife (from Egypt) and I were trying to find a way to teach our son to learn Arabic. But we couldn’t find good apps for this purpose.

As designers, we thought that it would be a great idea to set in and create our Arabic learning app.



Color Scheme


There are three stages where the app empowers and prepares the kid to learn the alphabet.

The first stage is to show one letter and next to it show an animal which its name starts with the letter that is displayed.

The second stage is where the app teaches the kid how the words are formed with a letter.

The third stage is small quizzes for each one of the letters of the alphabet so that the kid can test their knowledge in every step of the app.

User flow

Learning flow

Compose a word

We want the kid to compose its own words, using three different letters, which will form the name of an animal. This learning curve will help the kid to memorize that specific word.

Rearrange the letters

Rearranging the letters helps the kid to reinforce what they have previously learned.

Memorizing letters

We build simple scenarios where the kid can relate the first letter of the animal's name, with the illustration that is showed on the screen.