Home try-on Jewelry

An entirely new experience to try fine jewelry.


Product Design & Brand Identity




UI, UX and Strategy

A new experience

The main concept of Moment is to bring the try-on jewerly experience to home.  The user will be able to discover a fine line of  jewelry from the app and order a selection of them to try-on at home.




Color Scheme

The Idea

The app's main objective is to schedule a time for the user to try-on jewelry at their home. The app will help the user to filter the jewels between designers and the most popular gems.


The app was designed with the idea to show big photos for each one of the jewels so that the users can appreciate the small details of the stones.

Mobile App

Mobile App

Mobile App

Meaningful experiences


For an easy search, we added to the design specific label filters, keeping the big photos of the jewels at the same time.


We wanted to stress the beauty of jewels using big photos.
We added a short description of the jewel and its price in case the user wants to proceed with the purchase and the heart icon so the people can favorite it.

Purchase Process

We wanted to design a simple and fast purchase experience. It is important to stress the price, name of the product, the confirmation email and description.