Product Design & Identity


Timelense is an application that serves to share experiences with your loved ones. He wants to reach an audience that explores different parts of the world.


Design a concept and the application for the user we have. Give them the necessary tools so you can share your adventures.

My Role

Product Design & Branding.


Promo Video


Timelense is an application to share experiences with people who are not close to us.

The Problem

The client wanted to create an application for people who want to show special moments to their loved ones, who can take photos and turn them into physical postcards.

  • Take a photo.
  • Manage photo filters.
  • Send postcards.
  • Payment method.
  • Receive the physical postcard.
  • Scan QR code.


Capture and share

Send postcards easily

Push notifications

Customize all

Dark & Light

Timelense is thinking for different visualizations, night mode, and light mode so that the user adapts to his needs on his adventures.

Web Design


When taking a photo with the application, you can send it to another person in a postcard image with a QR code. When scanning the code, the image will take a 3D perspective.


The fonts and forms are part of the dynamism that the application has.

Sanchez Regular

Sanchez Regular

Sanchez Regular

Connect with
the public

To empathize with the target audience, develop a character that has a life full of adventure and exploration.


The interface design aims to focus on how the user can capture a photo to send it to a postcard.