Postcards, reimagined.

A postcard that comes to life with a sprinkle of magic (and a touch of AR).


Product Design & Brand Identity




UI, UX and Strategy

In Short

Timelense is an app that uses the pictures from your phone to create physical postcards. In the app, you can select the photo or photos you will like to send to print, and you can also generate a QR code that will be printed on the postcard.

The receiver will scan the QR code to see more media (photos or videos) in AR.



Color Scheme





The Idea

People love to share their pictures with their most close groups.

But sometimes we want to have the physical photo and hang it.

Timelense gives you the option to print your pictures and send them to your loved ones, plus you have the option to enjoy more media with AR.



Visual Design

The main flow of the app focuses on creating postcards using the photo library from the Photo app.

You can add any photo, a message on the back of the postcard, and additional media, which will be displayed in AR.

Mobile App

Mobile App

Mobile App

Meaningful experiences

Web Design


Illustration Process

Illustration Process

Collage of illustrations

Logo concept

Logo Design

Connect with the public


Add a photo

The user can add a picture from the photo library and do some quick edits like cropping.


Once  the user add the picture to the postcard there are some filters available to edit the photo.

Write your message

After the user defines the main photo for the postcard, they can write a message on the back of the postcard.