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Hello Robots and Pencils!  

As a diligent robot and clever pencil wanna be, I want to present you guys how I resolve your exercise:   


Task 1:  Download the "Air Canada" application from your app store of choice, then perform a heuristic evaluation of the app and submit a report of your findings, including:

  • Your thought process
  • Your evaluation package, organized how you see fit
  • Your final report on the application, again delivered in whatever format makes sense to you
  • Your recommendations for solving any key issues you find within the app
  • Any references you used in completing your evaluation


My Thought Process

Evaluation package

final report on the application & RECOMMENDATIONS



Task 2:  Complete a user journey analysis for the user goal of booking a flight within the Air Canada app.  Please include:

  • Step-by-step breakdown of the goal
  • Identification of pain points
  • Recommendations for strengthening the user experience of the journey


step-by-step breakdown of the goal

identification of pain points

recommendations for strengthening the Ux of the journey



Task 3:  Based on your heuristic evaluation and user journey, create a low fidelity visual representation of your recommendations by sketching your ideas using the tool of your choice. 


Low fidelity design


book flight sketch

use cases mockups





DETAILED Analysis of the current apps in ios and android


Book Flight


Find Flight

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