Come And Do is an international events organizer & producer company.


Product Design &  Identity




UI, UX and Brand Strategy

In Short

The challenge in this project was to have a firm grasp of the significance of good navigation, simplicity, and clarity. Highlighting the pictures of the different events and having the website in three different languages,  English, French, and Arabic.



We use the home page to connect the photo events, language options, and social media.

We also had some fun adding customized drawings for each one of the members of the company.

Then we created a timeline where we show all the events that the company was involved.

UI/UX Design

The problem of this project was to show the event pictures with the description next to it.

The solution was to show the full photo with an “i” information icon on the top right corner,  once the user clicks on it, the description will show next to the picture.

Meaningful experiences

Visual Design