Simplifying connections.

How we create a delivery and sending app that connects the world.


Product Design & Brand Identity




UI, UX and Strategy

In short

Senden is a beautiful app that focuses on usability. It has a very modern look and a bold logo design made in Cinema 4D. All the different assets, like icons and buttons, were meticulously crafted to show off the brand identity of the product.

In short

Senden is a young yet global company that wants to simplify how people send and receive parcels.
We were in charge of designing their branding and their commercial app.










The Senden commercial app (this version) has two different personas, the receivers, and the senders.

This app has settings for both personas. Yet, per the company's request, we focused more on the sender since the company realized that it is the weakest part of their competitor's flow, so they really wanted to excel in this part.


Virgin America was a great inspiration to make the app attractive and use bright and bold colors.

I used black as the neutral color and orange and purple as the primary colors. This combination is really appealing and beautiful, and it gives the UI an outstanding and powerful look.

Talking about the UX, I made some important decisions, especially in the flow where the user needs to find their parcel. I wanted to use the calendar as the starting point to find the parcel. The main question was to display when the parcel should arrive, as I think that information is more critical than which items were ordered. I think it's more important for the user to know the exact time of their items' arrival.

Mobile App

Mobile App

Mobile App

User flow

Parcel Tracking

We wanted to show the most relevant information for the delivery process.


After some user testing, we understand that the user is more focused on the parcel arrival date versus how many packages they ordered, that’s why we decide to use a calendar as the main screen.


The send experience was the part where we need to excel.

We figure out that many users don't know where they can deliver their parcels, so having a screen where we show the different delivery spots is very helpful for the end-users.


Having a consistent design between the app and the package improves brand recognition for the company.